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From our comprehensive health assessments to personalized programs designed for health improvement, see how Medcan can help you achieve your specific health and wellness goals.

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Corporate Health and Wellness

Fuel productivity, reduce risk and increase employee engagement with a Medcan corporate plan. We work with organizations of all sizes to provide employee and executive health and wellness programs.

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A 1-day summit on the future of health and performance

Our selection of globally-recognized health innovators will share insights from the forefront of mind, body and medical science.

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Annual Health Assessment

Gain a critical understanding of your current health, as well as any future risks, allowing you to proactively manage and maintain your health moving forward.

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Exercise stress test at Medcan

Live Well Programs

Let us guide you in making positive lifestyle changes towards a healthier you, including better nutrition, improved physical fitness, and stress management.

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With expertise in prenatal testing, pharmacogenomic testing, and identifying predisposition to conditions such as hereditary cancers, we can help you understand your inherited risks.

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  • The Annual Health Assessment Experience

    When you come to Medcan for an Annual Health Assessment, you’ll discover an exceptional level of care before, during and after your personalized assessment.

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Success Story: From Sedentary Desk Jockey to CrossFit Champ

Meet Tim
(age 51, Executive)

Health and Wellness Goals:  Tim wanted to become more active, and lower both his cholesterol and blood pressure levels without medication. He also wanted to diminish his shoulder pain without having surgery.

“I was working long hours, entertaining and going to business dinners. Life gets in the way and time passes. Soon, 10 years of that lifestyle catches up to you. When I came to Medcan, I felt like I was at a crossroads. I was heading toward a life that required surgery and beta blockers, or I could try another route.”

Medcan Strategy:  Develop a personalized fitness-centred regime, supplemented by nutrition counseling and naturopathic guidance.

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Success Story: Moving Off a Path of Poor Health

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