COVID-19 Updates

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Last updated: November 20th, 2020

Explore all the ways Medcan can support healthy lives.

Medcan’s Ecosystem of Services

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, returning to work has multiple interdependent considerations—it’s not as simple as flipping an on/off switch. It necessitates planning, the preparation of managers and employees, and a holistic view of the local environment, testing, real-time monitoring and ongoing intervention protocols.

Stay at Work

Medcan offers a number of services targeted at keeping on-site employees safe and comfortable.

‘CMO-in-a-box’ services

Includes advisory and consultation in respect to any and all matters of occupational health and safety, including pandemic risk planning and management, led by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Peter Nord.

Nursing Support and Seminars

Employees working at the office will have access to on-site and virtual nursing support services, including virtual educational webinars conducted by Medcan Nurses and our 24/7 Nursing Hotline.

Stay at Home

Educational & Consulting services

This includes education materials and ongoing support for employees who have been advised to stay at home, either due to their personal self-isolation requirement, or remote work mandated by their employer.

Educational materials and ongoing support will be tailored to support employees as it relates to staying at home during self-isolation with family, kids, and pets – while maintaining connections with their personal lives.

Return to Work

Medcan will ensure that all employees currently working from home can return to work safely.

We minimize the cost of future interruptions and customize plans for screening and testing that meet the needs of individual businesses.

Optional Add-on Services

Employers have the option to purchase add-on mental health and wellness sessions for their employees.

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Medcan for your family

Keeping communities healthy

From virtual appointments to healthy meal deliveries, we have your health and wellness needs covered during this difficult time.

Year-Round Care for Families

Our new and enhanced membership offerings ensure quality care for the whole family—in-clinic or virtually.

Our philosophy

At Medcan, we believe that diet and nutrition, physical activity and mental health are the three most important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Together, they’re the foundation of our Eat Move Think philosophy.


We believe that consuming wholesome, minimally processed, mainly plant-based foods in reasonable quantities is the key to good health.


We believe that engaging in regular physical activity is the best way to increase your likelihood of living a long and active life.


We believe that your brain, the most powerful tool you have, should be nurtured with regular exercise.
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Explore all the ways Medcan can support healthy lives.

Deliver better health outcomes to your employees — with targeted care and support.

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Our employee health solutions bridge the gap between your benefits plan and the health needs of your employees.

  • 1 visit to a family practice physician = 4 hours of missed work.1

  • More than 500,000 Canadians are absent from work each week due to mental health issues.2

  • Unmanaged chronic disease is the biggest cost driver for benefit plans.3

  • A trial and error approach to medication inflicts more than just a financial cost – it inflicts a human cost as well.4

  • 87.5% of healthcare claims costs are due to an individuals’ lifestyle choices.5

  • It costs 3x as much to pay for employee medical costs than it does to invest in preventive healthcare programs.6

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Our health and wellness programs are designed to help you and your family live healthier, happier lives.

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