For Families

Year-Round Care for Families is a great way to manage your family’s health around a busy lifestyle that might include multiple activities, schedules and travel demands.

This membership ensure that you, your partner and children ages 5-29, including those living away from home, receive urgent medical care for everyday concerns, in a way that best suits your family’s busy schedule. Our singular focus is to provide an exceptional level of service before, during and after a visit with a Medcan physician, whether that visit is in our modern and comfortable clinic or by video.

Video: Year-Round Care overview

Since many of the services we provide as part of Year-Round Care are not covered by OHIP, the annual membership fee covers all uninsured services related to Year-Round Care. See our Policies for Year-Round Care Membership.

In Clinic or Video Visits Your Year-Round Care for Families Team Membership Benefits
  • How does a video visit work?

    See a Medcan physician from the comfort of home, work or on-the-go with no travel or wait time.

  • Questions? Ready to book an appointment?

    We’re happy to help if you’d like to ask questions or book an appointment.