Year-Round Care

Split/dual photoPhysician visit in clinic or by video at Medcan

When an everyday health concern arises with you or a family member, it can be a challenge to put life and work on hold to get that concern addressed.

Medcan has designed Year-Round Care as an annual membership service that provides you with urgent medical care for everyday concerns, whenever and however is best for you. The singular focus of your Year-Round Care team at Medcan is to provide an exceptional level of service before, during and after a visit with a Medcan physician, whether that visit is in our modern and comfortable clinic or by video.

VIDEO: Year-Round Care overview

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Since many of the services we provide as part of Year-Round Care are not covered by OHIP, the annual membership fee covers all uninsured services related to appointments for Year-Round Care. See our Policies for Year-Round Care Membership.

In Clinic or Video Visits Your Year-Round Care Team Membership benefits Year-Round Care for Families
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    The video visit experience makes it easy for you to see a Medcan physician with no travel or waiting room time.

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