Health Coaching

If you want to reach a specific health or wellness goal, we understand how hard it can be to make the changes you need to get there. Whatever your goal – from eating healthier to managing a chronic condition – it all starts with changing your behaviours and mindset. You know you want a change, but you need help on how to do it and make it last. That’s where our Health Coaches come in.

Our Health Coaches are certified behaviour change experts who will equip you with personalized strategies to change ingrained behaviours and thought patterns to make lasting improvements – for a healthier, happier life.

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How Our Program Works

Health Coaching is flexible and convenient to ensure you have the support you need – when you need it. Together with, our Digital Health platform, support is offered through multiple channels so you stay connected over your entire health journey. You’ll receive daily nudges by email/text through the digital platform to keep you on track, and to monitor your progress.

What to expect:

  • In-depth Assessment: You’ll complete an online health assessment along with an initial assessment session with your Health Coach to understand your lifestyle and goals, identify obstacles and develop a personalized plan of action.
  • 1-on-1 Support: Personalized Coaching sessions (by phone) to keep you motivated and accountable towards achieving your goals.
  • Flexibility: Choose from a range of packages and schedule sessions at convenient times so that you have your Coach when you need him/her the most.
  • Always Connected: Stay on the right track with additional resources and support with our Digital Health Platform.

Our Expertise
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