Genetics & Genetic Counselling

Genetic testing gives you a better understanding of the risks you may face in the future, so you can better manage your health moving forward. Results from genetic testing, together with results from your Annual Health Assessment, give you the insight you need to plan a lifetime of healthier lifestyle choices.

Innovation is at the heart of Medcan Genetics.  We embrace cutting-edge, clinically-proven technologies and approaches so that our clients benefit from reliable and accurate results.

For some clients, the results of their genetic tests can seem complex, and even a little worrisome. This is why guidance and support from our genetic counsellors are at the centre of our service. The genetic counsellor will also provide practical lifestyle advice to ensure you minimize potential impact of inherited risks.

Medcan Genetic Counsellors

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Your genetic counsellor is a highly qualified healthcare professional who analyzes your family history together with the results of your genetic test, highlighting the most important insights. Interpretation is important with genetic testing, and your genetic counsellor will put your results in context of your personal and family history. This perspective is the basis of the information you’ll need to make informed and confident medical and personal decisions.

Genetic counsellors all hold a Masters of Science in Genetic Counselling.

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