We believe that the decision to engage in regular physical activity is the most important lifestyle change you can make to increase your likelihood of living a long and active life.

- Shaun Francis

As we spend more time self-isolating and social distancing, it’s important to find new ways to stay active and mobile. As long as COVID-19 keeps you home, Medcan’s world-class fitness trainers and multidisciplinary sports therapy team will be here to keep your heart rate (and spirits) high.

Virtual training

Enjoy 20% off our regular personal training rates with a virtual session.

So long as you have a smartphone, tablet or computer with video calling capability, you can connect with your Medcan trainer via WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime – regardless of where you’re located.

Our Virtual Training packages include the purchase of a variety of fitness equipment, including a set of 5 mini-bands, a lacrosse ball, and a set of variable resistance exercise tubing with various attachments and accessories.

In-home and outdoor training

Designed to cater to your unique physical needs, our tailored in-home and outdoor personal training sessions bring the Medcan experience right to your doorstep or local park.

These personal training packages include the transportation of a variety of fitness equipment including a set of 5 mini-bands, a lacrosse ball, and a set of variable resistance exercise tubing with various attachments and accessories. Fitness equipment is carefully cleaned and sterilized after each use.

Virtual Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

Don’t let social isolation and quarantine let you lose sight of your therapy, rehabilitation and recovery goals. Our team of specialists are going virtual with their in-clinic care. If you need them, they’re here—on demand, on your device.

Whether you threw those runners on and pushed too far, are coming back from an injury, or just have general rehabilitation needs, we have a plan for you.

Fitness training at Medcan

Let one of our dedicated personal trainers keep you motivated and on track for one whole year in our state-of-the-art fitness facility. Our Fitness Training program includes regular in-person or online consultations, plus updated monthly workouts and instructional videos. The exercise regimens, tips and insights you’ll receive along the way can be used and adapted for a lifetime of optimal fitness.

Look forward to a real adventure

From Patagonia to Mount Kilimanjaro, our once-in-a-lifetime Kickstart adventures are designed for anyone looking to challenge their mind, body and spirit while improving their overall health.

Whether you’d like to be pushed to the edge of your comfort zone on an exhilarating expedition or transported to a beautiful setting to nurture your inner self, our adventures cater to health and wellness goals of all kinds. Let our team of trained professionals support and motivate you on your journey—from the moment you sign up to your return flight home.

For information on our next Kickstart adventure, please get in touch with Rob Turner at

Keeping communities healthy

See what else we’re doing to keep communities safe throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Ep. 5: Mini-Episode: The Social Distancing Workout Guide

How do you work out when you’re self-isolating? It’s an important question. Even if social distancing has you trapped inside, exercise is important for immune function and mood. It’s also the secret to a good night’s sleep.

We are supporting clients 7 days a week, both in person and virtually—at our physical Year-Round Care clinic from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and virtually from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

So long as you’re connected to WiFi, you can use your smartphone, computer or tablet to see a Medcan physician or health professional – regardless of where you’re located.

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