Uncovering Millennial employee health needs

Medcan data points to a need for mental health support – and a growing preference for video visit convenience

It can be easy to stereotype generations: entitled, lazy, motivated, assertive, contrarian – you’ve likely heard many labels affixed to many different groups.

While stereotypes may not stand up to close scrutiny, there can be well-defined “characteristics” of different generations that mirror the societies of their time – from the frugality of those raised in the great depression to the rise of women in the workplace for early boomers.

Millennials and health

Which brings us to Millennials, the fastest growing cohort in the workforce. They received their name tag back in the 80s, with a recognition that those born in 1982 would be the first high school graduates of the new millennium. The name stuck and today that generation captures all your employees aged 35 and under (although many like to carve out a new “Gen Z” for those 24 and under).

While the stereotypes of this generation are many, from a health perspective, there are some measurable characteristics that help us define both their needs and their struggles. And in terms of a characteristic that may define them, it could be their openness to acknowledge and seek treatment for mental health conditions.

We looked at two and a half years of data from our Annual Health Assessments, and mental health concerns were indeed number one for this generation. For employees in their 20s, anxiety was the most diagnosed condition – affecting 6% of all clients in that age group. And depression was diagnosed in almost 3% of all clients, which is 3 times more than the general Medcan population.

One other clear trend was the increasing use of technology in seeking treatment. In 2016, nearly 12% of all Medcan physician appointments for those aged 25 to 35 were by video, up from 7% the previous year. While all generations are starting to make greater use of this feature, the uptake is especially strong in the pre-boomer generations.

While Medcan physicians are able to resolve approximately 90% of concerns through video visits, the health issues that most affect Millennials – such as anxiety and depression – are especially well-suited to this form of consultation. And for employees who seek ongoing psychological counselling for a mental health issue, many prefer the convenience and privacy of undertaking this counselling by video rather than by office visit.

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Virtual Year-Round Care provides employees with the option of seeing a Medcan physician same day or next day, either in-person or via video visit through a secure video network on a smartphone, tablet or PC. And employees choosing video visits receive the same level of privacy and service, including post-visit coordination for diagnostic tests, specialist appointments and prescriptions.

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