The philosophy behind the new food at Medcan

Tasty, crave-worthy food that is in line with nutritional guidelines

At Medcan we take pride in providing comfortable and convenient amenities for all our clients, especially for those experiencing the head-to-toe Annual Health Assessment. Now, the next time you visit you will notice a wealth of new food options in the client lounges.   The brightly coloured meals and snacks are made in house by Medcan Chef Jason Smidt, one of Canada’s most health-minded chefs.

“The Medcan food philosophy is to think of food not as a ‘diet’ but a critical part of well balanced lifestyle. My culinary ideas come from the love and passion of wholesome, sustainable foods from around the world that are incredibly tasty – imagine craving food that is actually good for you, that’s my goal,” says Smidt. “At Medcan, snacks and meals are a way of living characterized by healthy cooking methods, which include the freshest, fruits, vegetables, proteins, high-fibre grains and healthy, unsaturated fats.”

“We are so excited to have Jason in house to collaborate on this diverse and delicious menu,” says Leslie Beck, Director, Food and Nutrition at Medcan. “He has created crave-worthy food that is in line with nutritional guidelines and offered in just the right portions to keep you satisfied between health stations at Medcan.  By offering nutritious and delicious food, our goal is to inspire you to eat healthy meals at the office and at home,” says Beck.

Smidt is a self-taught chef, born and raised in South Africa. He spent the last eleven years working internationally before taking on the Executive Chef role at Medcan. Smidt is constantly inspired by global cultures and lands. He has cooked and served meals in England, The Bahamas, France, Israel and throughout the U.S.  He enjoyed a three-year stint with Radisson’s Cruise Liners, ultimately rising to the position of Maitre D’Hotel on the Seven Seas Voyager (a 6-star rated cruise liner), where he designed many of the dinner menus. Smidt was part of Avenance, one of London’s leading corporate catering companies. He has held private chef positions in Toronto, France, The Bahamas and the U.S. Jason is now excited to call Toronto his new home.

Leslie Beck has spent her career helping Canadians achieve their health goals as they relate to diet and nutrition. She is a best-selling author, columnist, and television and radio personality.

Beck works one-on-one with clients who seek her expertise, providing diet advice, personalized meal plans, and ongoing coaching. She is recognized as an authority on nutrition and food issues and is an experienced communicator in television, radio and print media. She writes a weekly column in The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper and is a regular contributor to CTV news. She is the best-selling author of 12 books (Penguin Canada) including The Plant-Based Power Diet and Leslie Beck’s Longevity Diet.

The new range of dishes at Medcan is created under the guidance of Beck and other Medcan dietitians, so every menu item can be fully enjoyed knowing they are portioned to keep you satisfied, find balance in calories and nutrients, as well as being free of ingredients that take away from good health.

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