Medcan Run Camp | July – September 2018

Fitness and nutrition training for trail and road runners alike

Be warned, going too hard, too soon can lead to a short running season, especially if all your running is on asphalt. Here are three tips to avoid common running injuries (you can read more on injury prevention here).

  • Try different gaits and spend time actively resting. Working with a professional to change your cadence or tempo, or try a shorter or longer stride to offload the tissue and work different muscles.
  • Strengthen glutes and quadriceps, and work on other imbalances. Talking to a fitness trainer or sports therapist about muscle imbalances can help. Evaluating your running mechanics is another preventive strategy.
  • Ease into running gradually and run with variety. Build up your mileage gradually and experiment with road and trail running.

That last tip was one of the reasons we created Run Camp at Medcan. Starting this July and finishing in September, this run crew pairs beginner and advanced runners with a personal trainer and a registered dietitian for specialized running and nutrition training. The camp focuses on trail running because there are more variables to consider compared to road running.  If you can pace yourself appropriately on trails, pacing yourself on the road will seem much easier.

What are the benefits of trail running?

  • More incline and decline running
  • Being surrounded by nature instead of cars
  • Different surfaces lessen the impact on your joints

What are its risks?

  • It is not exactly how you will pace yourself for a road race
  • Trying to adapt the body in to many directions
  • Higher need for core strength, ankle stability

What does Run Camp by Medcan include?

There are four scheduled group runs in an off-road environment to keep you motivated alongside your fellow runners and three sport nutrition sessions to help you fuel your body properly while training. Run crew members will receive guidance on how to:

  • run technically
  • organize your training routine
  • run by heart rate, and
  • properly fuel yourself for long runs

You will receive a running workbook with personalized information about your mind and body.

All Run Camp participants are invited to join the Medcan Canada Army Run Team in Ottawa on September 23, 2018.  Medcan will cover your registration fee and you’ll receive a team jersey, hat, as well as some special treats. Participants are responsible for hotel and transportation to and from Ottawa.

Why would a beginner runner consider joining this group?

A group environment is very safe for beginners.  There are lots of people to help support and guide you along the way.  It is also great for beginner runners to see people who were once beginners and have now become better runners, this provides a great motivator and a sense that they can also become better.

Why would an experienced runner be interested in joining this crew?

Expert runners can learn from one another.  All of the best runners in the entire world train with other runners.  It is vital to run with other people if you want to become even better than you are.

Balance the enjoyment of running with measuring performance

We walk the fine line of enjoying running and the other side of focusing on the numbers that come with running.  I have spent over 10 years using my background in kinesiology to further study running, all the while participating in different running events. Come experience the running group yourself, get outside, get moving, and I’ll see you on the trails. Interested in more information? Call (647) 404-1360 or email

Evan Wallman graduated from the University of Windsor with a degree in Human Kinetics in 2010.  He has over 10 years of experience teaching people about exercise.  If you can’t find him on the gym floor he is probably out participating in obstacle course races such as Tough Mudder.  He has completed multiple ultra marathons and a variety of shorter distances.  In 2017, he founded the Toronto Trail Runners.

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