Watch this: You’ll want to climb mountains with Medcan

Three of our climbers share reflections from their Kilimanjaro trek

In July 2016, a group of Medcan participants joined our Kickstart: Kilimanjaro Climb, a 7-day trek from the Afromontane forest to Uhuru Peak. Kickstart offered a VIP Kilimanjaro experience, with an expert team guiding a carefully-planned itinerary. Eight weeks prior to departure, Medcan worked with members of the team  to prepare both mentally and physically, with a customized program focused on stability, movement, strength and endurance.

We’re excited to share this video of first-hand reflections, which also offers a glimpse of the landscape and experience.

Medcan is planning its next Kickstart adventure. If you are interested in more information, please click here.

Larry on his father-son climb: “The most difficult but exhilarating experience in my life”

Larry, 60, the owner of an agricultural company, and his son Jonathan, 21, committed to this trip together. They arrived a few days ahead of the trekto visit a local school and youth programs in Kenya. In the video, we hear from Larry during the Kilimanjaro to Karanga section of the trail.

“What I couldn’t foresee was that by enlisting I had embarked on an ingeniously crafted path toward a goal-directed lifestyle change. For the next 5 months leading up to the climb I was driven by the need to succeed, to work out like I hadn’t done in many years. I lost 15 pounds and more importantly regained cardio capacity and an energy level not experienced in a long time.”

“Was Kilimanjaro difficult, especially for a 60-year-old stressed out farmer? Yes! Was it achievable? Yes. Was it one of the most memorable adventures of a lifetime for me and my son? Yes! Did it put me on the path to lifestyle change based on event goal setting? Yes!”

“Success, especially in my world was always the objective. What you experience when you attempt Kilimanjaro, however, is a tremendous humility and respect for how vulnerable you are in the face of nature. Your focus quietly shifts from proving your significance to connecting with those around you. It became clear to me that I was now an integral part of a tightly knit team and that success and the happiness of those around me was more important than self.”


Mary, teacher and music lover:  “I am grateful”

Mary, an elementary school teacher who has lived with chronic hip pain since childhood, committed to the climb with her fiancée Markus, one of the team’s physicians. Ahead of the trip she said she planned to turn to the mental preparedness she strengthened during her training during the trek’s most challenging sections. She was also looking forward to music, which she calls a constant friend. In the video, you can see how that played out.  

“I am grateful for the experience, moved by the stories of the people I met, motivated to continually improve my level of fitness, and inspired to do more good in this world.”

“I will never forget the conversations and life lessons learned, by sharing in the epic experience of hiking Kili, by witnessing snippets of the African culture, and realizing how little effort it takes to make a huge difference in the lives of these beautiful people.”

tents at dawn_kili 2016

Rick, 72, CEO and philanthropist: “You rise to a new level”

Rick, an avid hiker and outdoors man, stayed true to a three-day-a-week workout regime with a personal trainer who specializes in nutrition. Rick’s weekly workouts were amplified by spinning classes and a lot of walking – at home, in the country, down streets he’d never noticed before. He said it got him in the best health of his life. This septuagenarian’s climb was dedicated to bringing laser technology to the Hospital for Sick Children. Here are a few of his reflections after his ascent of the mountain. 

“The altitude is an interesting aspect of this climb. It affects everybody differently. You know these are all challenges that we face but that’s what this Kili climb is all about. You rise to a new level.”

“I can’t be critical of any aspect of this trip. I thought it was flawless – how it was put together, how it was thought through. Execution was unbelievable.”

“To anyone who would consider this trip – seriously consider it and do it. The sense of accomplishment was special. It was hard getting up that mountain. Getting there was very special.”

Medcan is planning its next Kickstart adventure. If you are interested in more information, please click here.


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