Online seminar recap: Reach your best weight by learning this key skill

Resilience thinking allows learning, leads to success

Director of Weight Management Dr. David Macklin led this Medcan online seminar on May 25.

Dr. Macklin describes the journey to get to one’s best weight as a true, chronic, difficult and complex medical condition. His approach is about recognizing the complexities of each individual’s weight management, and appreciating that setbacks are to be expected. Success, he says, is determined not by the setback, but by the response. That response is closely linked to cognitive restructuring.

‘Best weight’ one of five key behaviours in driving good health

Dr. Macklin shared research that showed 80% of chronic diseases are linked with five key behaviours. Chances of being diagnosed with a chronic illness are greatly diminished if the following five behaviours are met: best weight; eating healthily; cardiovascular fitness; no or moderate alcohol; and not smoking.

A sedentary lifestyle is an adaptive trait

We are wired to enjoy relaxation mode – that’s why setbacks in weight management are so hard to kick. The three most common setbacks are overeating; seeing the scale go the wrong way; and seeing yourself in a mirror or photograph.

One’s automatic thoughts are what will determine whether those setbacks are obstacles or permanent roadblocks. We are a thinking species, and while our thoughts have given us a competitive advantage, they can also work against us.

Automatic self-critical thinking must first be identified, then challenged

Self-critical and ostrich thinking are two types defeatist thought processes that recruit the ‘fight or flight’ areas of the brain, and shut down the human cortex. This prevents learning from taking place, and the individual is fated to repeat that behaviour.resilience big

Functional resilience thinking allows learning, growing and success

Meanwhile helpful resilient thoughts, feelings and behaviours set us up for success.

Interesting fact: BMI is an unreliable measuring tool

Surprisingly BMI is a very poor measure to determine a healthy weight, and is no longer recommended by weight management specialists.

How long does resilience take to build?

There are many genetic and developmental issues for it to build.  The timelines are different for everyone and dependent on how long the cognitive restructuring process takes. Once established, however, it’s a big predictor of someone doing well in the long term.

The full online seminar can be viewed below.

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