Check this off your bucket list in 2018: Kilimanjaro with Medcan

Video features interviews with three climbers from 2016

Maybe you’ve thought about it for a few years and you were waiting for the right opportunity. Or maybe you knew you wanted a big goal for 2018 and were waiting for a sign. Consider this your sign.

Medcan is recruiting outdoor enthusiasts and curious adventurers to join our Kickstart 2018 Kilimanjaro Climb, an eight-day trek from the Afromontane forest to Uhuru Peak this July.

Kickstart offers a VIP Kilimanjaro experience, with an expert team, including a physician assistant accompanying the climb and a carefully planned itinerary. Eight weeks prior to departure, Medcan worked with members of the team  to prepare both mentally and physically, with a customized program focused on stability, movement, strength and endurance.

We’re excited to share this video of first-hand reflections from our 2016 participants:

Questions and signup information, please email or call our Kickstart coordinator at 647.404.1360.

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