Medcan wins Johns Hopkins award for innovations in healthcare delivery

Medcan won an award at the Johns Hopkins Medicine International conference in Bogotá, Columbia

Toronto, ON – (October 23, 2018) — In recognition if its use of proactive genetics screening in a primary healthcare environment, Medcan has won an award at the Johns Hopkins Medicine International conference in Bogotá, Columbia. The award recognizes the most promising innovations in healthcare delivery around the world.

The Johns Hopkins award follows Medcan’s findings one year after launching proactive genetic screening in September 2017. This programme is designed for healthy individuals, and aims to identify genetic risks associated with hereditary cancer and cardiac predispositions that could result in increased screening, early detection, and improved overall health outcomes.

Results after one year found that 80 per cent of clients who received positive screenings received management recommendations that differ from their current screening protocol. For example, some clients were recommended to have more frequent colonoscopies or breast MRI screening in addition to mammography. Others were recommended to have cardiac imaging and referred to specialty cardiology clinics.

According to Medcan Chief Medical Officer, Dr James Aw, “Advances in genomic research and DNA sequencing technologies have revolutionized our ability to offer large gene panels at reasonable cost and, as a result, our understanding of the genetic variation associated with human disease. Our mission is to integrate genetics into mainstream medicine to proactively prevent or minimize the burden of disease. The recognition by Johns Hopkins reinforces our commitment to helping people live long, healthy lives.”

Medcan’s experience with elective genetic testing in a high volume clinical setting provides insight into potential challenges, implications, and recommendations for the future of genomic screening in the ‘healthy’ population.

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