Climbing Kilimanjaro: Mental resilience meets fitness in trek up “Everyman’s Everest”

Toronto, ON (March 31, 2017) – Climbing a mountain is a metaphor for life, says Medcan CEO Shaun Francis. “It invites you to challenge your physical and mental strength, it tests your willpower, and it forces you to live through each moment. By the time you get to the top, you have changed from the experience.”

Each year Medcan takes a group of Canadians up Mount Kilimanjaro, and this year the trip will take place July 28-August 8th, 2017. Francis, who completed the climb with his eldest son in 2015 on the inaugural Medcan trip, said there were a few moments he faced more challenges than altitude or terrain. “Learning to not simply react to adversity, but to use it as an opportunity for growth, is a skill I use in business and one I called upon during Kilimanjaro,” says Francis.

Over the next few months, participants will take part in a holistic training program at Medcan, incorporating personal fitness training, nutrition counseling, and mental resiliency coaching. “Whether it is in the boardroom or struggling up a mountain, we coach people to face adversity, to remember why this is important to you,” says Performance Coaching CEO Dane Jensen, who will work with the participants on mental blocks, imagery and energy management. “We have all been in situations where we choke or freeze up – you don’t want that on a mountain. Regardless of the situation, you can transform any adversity into opportunity.”

As Canadians plan their summer vacations, Medcan’s Shaun Francis can talk about the life-changing Kilimanjaro trip, and our experts can provide tips for training for any wellness challenge– whether it is a cycling fundraiser, or a first-time marathon.  Having the mental wherewithal, along with physical readiness, are two factors many do not consider when they start planning big adventures. Kilimanjaro figures prominently on bucket lists of the young and old: According to 2017 research from AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), nearly half of baby boomers have a bucket list. In addition, wellness travel is considered one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Medcan experts can speak about the holistic approach to prepare for success in any wellness goal. We can also connect you with participants currently training for Kilimanjaro about their motivation and training plans.

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