Hearing (relationship) aid

Hearing loss for one, hearing problem for two

It’s nothing short of a mood killer when your sweet nothings go from a whisper to a shout on Valentine’s Day. When someone has hearing loss, both halves of the couple have a hearing problem.

Hearing keeps us connected socially. It’s how we learn, work, and build intimacy. So while the ear’s functionality may not be a sole cause of relationship tension, consider supporting your relationship by removing the strain hearing loss can cause.

Those with hearing loss can feel cut off or depleted by the energy that is required to stay engaged. Meanwhile, the partner of a loved one with hearing loss may become the “human hearing aid”, who interprets and repeats conversations.

Embracing technology and building a support network

Devices are smaller and more sophisticated than ever before.  They are prescription-fitted with microchip technology to each person’s hearing loss; and re-programmed to compensate for any additional hearing loss in the future. Noise-cancellation technology can lower the background noise automatically making it more comfortable to hear in noisy environments.

Research from Galaxy Research and an Australian hearing organization found 84 percent of new hearing aid users reported easier communication, while 75 percent of respondents said their loved ones no longer had to shout to be heard.

As an audiologist at Medcan, Miriam Kolacevic enjoys counselling as much as performing hearing tests and prescribing hearing devices.

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