In-Home Annual Health Assessment

Having a complete view of your current health has never been so valuable—particularly to those who are at high-risk of severe illness from COVID-19, including older adults and those with underlying health conditions.

To ensure continuity of care while keeping our clients and staff safe, our Annual Health Assessment can now be completed at home by those who wish to continue their health and wellness journey outside Medcan’s physical location.

Get ahead of health concerns with an In-home Annual Health Assessment

Get the critical information you need to prevent and manage disease with an In-home Annual Health Assessment – the ultimate proactive health management tool.

Experience some of the most important elements of your Annual Health Assessment from the comfort and safety of your home.

Just as insightful as our on-site Assessment, an in-home Assessment will help you identify potential health risks before they become a problem. You’ll also receive tailored recommendations to support your overall health (including your immune system) during this extraordinary time.

What does the in-home Assessment include?

Our team is working hard to ensure that your in-home experience is as close in value to that of a standard on-site Assessment. Benefit from a series of video and in-home visits scheduled over the span of one week, including:

An initial virtual consultation with a Medcan physician

In-home blood work by a licensed phlebotomist, who will visit your home to draw blood, measure oxygen levels, and take basic vitals including blood pressure*

A virtual nutrition consultation to ensure that you’re properly nourished during self-isolation

A virtual physical fitness assessment

A virtual mind health assessment to support the unique mental challenges you may be currently experiencing

A virtual comprehensive review of your results with your physician

Assessment stations that can’t be completed at home due to equipment restrictions will be scheduled for completion as soon as we’re able to safely resume our on-site Assessments. This includes:

  • Imaging (includes abdominal ultrasound and any physician-recommended imaging)
  • Exercise stress test
  • AVP (Cardiac risk test)

*Add-on services, including genetic panels and two of the four elements of our Advanced Cardiovascular Risk assessment (TMAO and ACT), are available.

After your Assessment

In addition to following up with you, your designated Nurse Consultant will be available to answer your questions for three months post-Assessment.

If your Physician discovers any urgent or medically necessary concerns during your in-home Assessment, we’ll schedule you an appointment at our Year-Round Care clinic.

If your case requires a referral to a specialist, we will facilitate this process as usual. Please note that wait times to see a specialist may be longer than usual due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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