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Medcan Health Management


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October: Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know

September: How Personality Impacts Health | Born Fat? | DIY Lunches | The Ideal Adventure: a Poll

August: Is 10,000 Steps the Right Goal for You? | How To Fade Sun Spots | Drinking Right 

July: Exceptional Coaching | Pan Am Training Regime | Eating Right ... at Weber's  

June: Self-care when caregiving | Help for child homesickness  | Rock the salad bar 

May: Spring Allergies | Breakfast Proteins | Healthy Retirement

April: Cyber Health | Alzheimer's Q&A | Exercises To Avoid Foot Pain

March: Unlocking DNA | Preventing Colon Cancer | 3 Steps To Fat Loss

January: Resolution check-in, Stretch to stay alive, Mind tools for weight loss, Kids clinic open Feb 13


December: The Medcan Holiday Gift Guide, Virtual Care, Winter Skin Myths and More

November: Why Diets Don't Work and What Does, PTSD, Integrating Work and Life

October: What You Need To Know About Rosacea, EV-D68, Ebola And More

September: Relationships and job stress, new ideas to keep active, and wristband heart-rate monitors

August: Back-To-School Behaviour, Nutritious Food Court Lunches And Adventure Travel

July: Special Summer Edition—Deadly Sunburns, Cottage Workout And More!

June: Travel To Change Your Life, A No-Drugs Cure For Bedroom Vitality, Fitness For Kids

May: Golf & Tennis Workout, New No-Biopsy Skin Cancer Tool

April: Sugar Guidelines, Empowered Patients, Sun Protection

March: Aging Well, Heart Health & Time Crunch Solutions

February: Vitality, Love and Relationships

January: Diet Secrets In Three Little Words, Heart-Safe Sex and Beating The Winter Blues


December: The Year in Health

November: Exercise of the Month and Self-Esteem for Kids

October: Healthy Employees, Healthy Profits

September: Running, Technology & Recipes

August: Heart Health & Peer Pressure to Get Fit

July: Healing Powers of Music, Travel and Fitness

June: Sunscreen Secrets; Getting Ready for Vacation and Camp; and more

May: Healthier Sex; Dr. Facebook; and the "Sandwich Generation"

April: Getting Ready for Golf; Food Allergies; Immunity to Antibiotics

March: Blood Test Instead of Colonoscopy?; A Dermatologists Favourite Products; and more!

February: Science Says: Exercise!

Volume 6: New Client Facility, Fear of Doctors, Skin Cancer in Children

Volume 5: Mini Medcan, Bacteria, Elite Athletes

Volume 4: Brave New World of Genetics, Male Hormone Therapy, How Much is Too Much Vitamin D?

Volume 3: Even Doctors Need a PSA Test, How Much Time Should the Medcan Medical Take, Why We Wait Longer at the Doctor's Office

Volume 2: Medcan's Referral Process, Redefining How You Run, Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

Volume 1: New Approach to Weight Loss, Screening Protocols, Personalized Medicine


November: Medcan Patient Story, Personal Training Benefits, Holiday Eating Myths

October: Medcan Patient Story, PSA Test, Right Foods for Bone Health

September: Effective Weight Loss, Positive Attitudes, Choosing Healthier Foods

August: e-Readers, Health Video Games, Freshman 15

July: Motion Sickness, Obesity and Genetics, New Cancer Treatments

May: Mammography, Diabetes Management, Runners' Diet Blunders

April: Making a Difference in Africa, Tips for Falling and Staying Asleep, Detox Diets

March: Obesity and Breast Cancer, Signs of Colorectal Cancer, Eating More Fibre

February: Advanced Cholesterol Test, Strike Out Stroke, Fitness Winter Blues

January: The Facts on HPV, Mammograms, Heart Disease


December: Fatty Liver, Shopping for Shoes, Surviving the Holiday Bulge

November: Prostate Cancer, Osteoporosis, Avoiding Back Pain

October: DNA Testing for Alzheimer's, Computer Vision Syndrome, The Importance of Water

September: Vaccines, Heart Disease and Caffeine, Omega 3 Fatty Acids

August: Fibre and your Heart, Plant Sterols, Flip-flops

July: Metatarsal Stress Fractures, Pacemakers, Pancreatic Cancer

May: Kidney Cancer, Botox, LDL Cholesterol

April: Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Testing, Safe Sex for Your Heart, Yoga

March: Facts about Colon Cancer, Nutrition Myths, Avoiding Running Injuries

February: 2010 Heart and Stroke Annual Report, Cell Phones & Brain Tumours, Heart Healthy Diet

January: 2009 Year in Review, Shingles Vaccine, Knee Replacements