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Virtual Healthcare

Webinar: A virtual healthcare approach to corporate wellness
Fuel productivity by providing care for your employees anywhere, and at any time. Learn how your company can benefit from providing your employees with video visits and telemedicine solutions.
Medcan logo on left. The House Call Makes Its Virtual Comeback.
Perspective paper: The house call makes its virtual comeback
Delayed treatment for conditions can accelerate the likelihood of chronic disease leading to presenteeism and absenteeism. Discover how telemedicine and virtual care enhance corporate wellness programs in our exclusive paper. Download Paper
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Managing the Cost of Chronic Disease

Medcan logo on left. Addressing Metabolic Syndrome in the Workplace.
Perspective paper: Addressing Metabolic Syndrome in the workplace
Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. What can your organization do to offset the significant costs associated with this heath issue and improve health outcomes? Read our paper to find out. Download Paper
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Best Practices for Wellness Initiatives

 Medcan logo on left, smiling woman in the middle. Great feedback for an HR leader. Meet Janet. Fifty-seven, director of HR.
Case Study: Great feedback for an HR leader
Learn about Janet, an HR Director who incorporated Medcan services into her accounting firm’s existing benefits package. Download Case Study
Medcan logo on left. The Real Driver to Employee Health.
Perspective paper: The real driver of employee health
Adopting a coaching approach can ensure success in the overall health improvement of your workforce. Read this Medcan perspective paper to find out why. Download Paper