Pharmacogenomic Testing

Reduce drug and disability costs by ensuring employees are treated with the right medications sooner

Trial-and-error prescribing, often required to help employees find the right medication to treat illness such as mental health conditions, cardiovascular disease, or chronic pain, will drive higher drug and disability costs within an employer’s health benefits program.

Insights from pharmacogenomic testing effectively predict for an individual which medications and dosages are the most effective for them within a therapeutic category and are least likely to produce adverse side-effects.

Employers providing this type of testing for employees, provide employees and their physicians with insight that helps them get to the right treatment sooner and reduce duration of illness.

Pharmacogenomic Testing includes:

  • A consultation with a genetic counsellor, including review of your employee’s personal and family medication history
  • Predicted responses to more than 200 medications for the most common health conditions related to absenteeism in the work place – including mental health conditions, cardiovascular disease and pain management
  • Informative report on drug-to-drug interactions, beneficial to employees who are on multiple medications
  • Recommendations for optimizing medication treatment and avoiding adverse drug reactions to get your employees back to work
  • Collaboration between genetic counsellors and pharmacists to help interpret results and provide counsel to physicians

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