Executive Health Solutions

Ensure your executives remain healthy and productive. The Corporate Health Plan includes both the Annual Health Assessment and Year-Round Care membership to help prevent chronic disease – and to effectively address everyday health concerns.

Exercise stress test at Medcan

Annual Health Assessment

A head-to-toe evaluation that gives your executives a complete picture of their current health and potential future risks. The Annual Health Assessment is a thorough examination completed in a single day that ensures your employees have the insights they need to maintain optimum health.

Diagnostic testing: Employees receive up to 15 diagnostic tests, including an in-depth physical, cardiovascular health exams, fitness and nutrition evaluations, plus gender-specific tests. The testing is completely customized based on each employee’s current health needs.

Same-day results: No waiting, no employee downtime – our on-site lab provides your employees with same day full panel blood and urine analysis results.

One-to-one consultation on an action plan: Results are reviewed same-day with a Medcan physician who will discuss areas of health that may need improvement, and an action plan that can make it happen, ensuring healthy outcomes in your employees.

Follow-up and specialist coordination: If follow up testing or specialist visits are required, we make the process easy, with client care coordinators who arrange all necessary post-assessment visits. Your employees maintain their focus on work and health improvements, not on the logistics of scheduling appointments.

Year-Round Care

With Medcan year-round care, your executives can book an appointment to receive urgent medical attention for everyday health concerns from anywhere in Canada.

Medical appointments in-person or via video, Monday to Saturday: Guaranteed same-day or next-day physician visits ensure employees don’t delay care and get back to work quickly.

Worry-free post visit care: Client care coordinators arrange any necessary appointments, diagnostic tests or prescription orders so that your employees don’t have to.

Travel health support: Best-in-class medical care at home and abroad ensures medical coverage for your employees while on the road.

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