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Invest in one of your organization’s most valuable assets: people. Medcan offers a range of health and wellness solutions that can benefit both your employees and bottom line.

Metabolic Syndrome is in your workplace

A Medcan perspective paper on a growing epidemic, and why typical approaches to wellness may not be enough to counter the impact on productivity.

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Corporate Performance Plan

Elevate your investment in health and wellness with a robust coaching program that helps achieve better health outcomes. Includes an Annual Health Assessment and Year-Round Care.

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Employee Year-Round Care

Ensure your employees stay well and productive with medical advice and attention for everyday health concerns, whenever and however they need it. Now includes physician video visits.

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Corporate Health Plan

Safeguard the health of your top talent today and tomorrow with a wellness plan that provides an Annual Health Assessment and Year-Round Care.

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Corporate Health Plan


The Corporate Health Plan

Your company’s commitment to a best-in-class executive health benefit.

It’s important that your top talent stays in good physical health and overall wellness. With the Corporate Health Plan, your executives will be empowered to:

Prevent disease and improve their health with an Annual Health Assessment.

A head-to-toe evaluation that gives a complete picture of current health and future risks.

  • Includes up to 15 diagnostic tests
  • In-depth physical exam, cardiovascular assessments, fitness and nutrition evaluations, plus gender-specific tests
  • Same-day results of full panel blood and urine analysis from our on-site lab
  • Results review that same day with a Medcan physician who will discuss areas of health to improve
  • An action plan for health improvement

Effectively address urgent everyday health concerns with Year-Round Care.

  • Physician visits in clinic or by video, booked same-day or next-day, including Saturdays.
  • Combined expertise and service of our Year-Round Care physicians, registered nurses, referrals and client care coordinators, and medical records team.
  • Advice and assistance 24/7 from a Medcan nurse on-call.
  • Global Travel Medical Assistance for medical emergencies outside of Canada.
  • A team working immediately to secure follow-up appointments with a specialist in our best-in-class network and coordinate prescription filling.

For more details on the Corporate Health Plan, please contact us.

Corporate Performance Plan Employee Year-Round Care Resources for Leaders in Wellness Benefits

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