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Do We Need Wristband Heart-Rate Monitors?

A cardiologist critiques the tech world’s new must-have device—heart-rate monitors on phones and wristbands—and says you’re probably better off just paying attention to your body.

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Men's Health

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Highly Preventable Colon Cancer Often Detected Too Late

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of death from cancer for both Canadian men and women. It's also a highly treatable cancer if detected early -- it is up to 90 per cent preventable with timely and thorough screening. Unfortunately, nearly half of those diagnosed find out too late.

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How To Beat The Cold And Flu

Winter finally dragging you down? Some of the more interesting tips out there to help you stay healthy during cold and flu season

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How to rock the salad bar

Choosing a salad for lunch is a great choice - it is usually always a safe bet. Be aware that not all salads are created equal. Salad bar selections do contain toppings that you need to be mindful of. To make sure your salads are nutrient dense and waistline friendly - consider the following salad mix-ins.

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Women's Health

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Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

April is Parkinson’s disease awareness month. In honour of this, Genetic Counsellor Allison Hazell dispells myths and shares facts about the genetics of Parkinson’s disease.

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Follow Medcan Medical Team As It Returns to Kenya

In April, we will be returning to the clinics to continue training on eye health and visual acuity, musculoskeletal care programs, and provide resources that will allow these clinics to treat more complicated cases. We will also be starting a cardiovascular risk screening program to address the growing noncommunicable disease problem in Sub-Saharan African countries.

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General Health

Hearing Loss Impacts Overall Health & Happiness

With one in 10 Canadians experiencing hearing loss there is a growing need for more audiology support and treatment. To determine whether a hearing loss is medically treatable it is necessary to know which part of the ear is causing the hearing loss. Your family doctor will need an audiogram (hearing test) to assist in your diagnosis.

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Exercises for better sex

While sex in itself releases the same endorphins we experience after a great workout, regular physical exercise will improve your capability to have a healthy and active sex life with your partner.

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New study hints at why you’re a mosquito magnet

Why do mosquitoes feast on some people and only nibble on others? Many have speculated that our diet is a factor, which leads to people popping garlic pills, having extra portions of garlic bread and avoiding beer. However, research has not found a clear and consistent dietary link. New evidence suggests the answer may be in our genes.

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